The SinoFresh Gateway Licensing Program was designed to expand access to our market leading products through the introduction of commercial virus management in combatting CoVID19.

The general public has primarily become aware of the problems the world is experiencing with viruses and other pathogens because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. However, this crisis has been building over the past decades. H1-N1, SaRS and even the coronavirus that is responsible for the common cold and the influenza virus all continue to advance and create significant levels of sickness and death.

The SinoFresh range of products, including nasal spray, throat spray and hand sanitizer have always contained advanced hydrogen based, non-toxic and alcohol-free active ingredients. Certified testing labs have shown consistently that SinoFresh kills 99.9% of coronavirus 229E, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and e-Coli.

Expanding this into commercial applications into medical fields has lead to the creation of the SinoFresh Gateway and SinoFresh Gateway Licensing Program.

The SinoFresh Gateway is a freestanding arch, similar to a metal detector that delivers advanced germ defense for people entering a business or building, providing safety and security to the people inside.

Simply by approaching the SinoFresh Gateway, the gateway is activated. The SinoFresh Gateway releases an atomized spray of SinoFresh Sanitizing Mist to the mid-lower part of the body, ozone and ultraviolet light to the upper part of the body. Eliminating any surface pathogens that may be present on the person entering the business or building.

The SinoFresh Gateway delivers atomized SinoFresh Sanitizing Mist ensuring the visitor stays dry while passing through the gateway.

The SinoFresh Sanitizing Mist is refilled into the machine each day. using our advanced hydrogen based, non-toxic and alcohol-free active ingredients proprietary formulation. Each location’s use will depend on the volume of people entering the business or building. Generally the volume per location is expected to be 25% of the hours the business is open.

Territories Available

All sales territories include national online lead tracking. Letting you leverage the power of social media and online advertising to sell all over the country as well as your selected or local region.


The SinoFresh Licensee secures an exclusive territory for the placement of the SinoFresh Gateway and the ongoing supply of SinoFresh Sanitizing Mist. Receiving upfront revenue from the sale (or financing) of the SinoFresh Gateway and residual revenue from the ongoing supply of SinoFresh Sanitizing Mist.

SinoFresh Licensees are free to market the SinoFresh Gateway through online advertising and social media. Advertising content is available on the Licensee section of the website.

Leveraging the equipment financing of Affirm. A new customer working with a licensee can purchase their SinoFresh Gateway with low monthly payments.

Software and Website Integration
SinoFresh uses advanced software that is integrated into our website to manage everything from sales, equipment financing, invoicing and ongoing supplies of SinoFresh. Our integrated software and website solution ensures that each Licensee is given a code to uniquely identify them as the licensee introducing the customer. The system then allocates all sales of SinoFresh Sanitizing Mist to that licensee. Ensuring the licensee receives their revenue from ongoing supply as well as any orders for additional SinoFresh Gateways.

Expanding your sales force
The SinoFresh Licensee system and software is designed to allow our licensees to employ a sales team to maximize their revenue opportunities. Each salesperson is registered into the software as an affiliate to the SinoFresh Licensee. This ensures all sales are correctly allocated.

Turn Key Service
Each SinoFresh Gateway customer after purchase of the gateway unit selects a monthly inventory level for SinoFresh Sanitizing Mist refills for their gateway. This is managed through the website and gives the customer control over reorder levels, based on the volume of people coming into their business or building.

Monthly refill supply is shipped directly to the customer from our clean store after billing is processed. Licensee SinoFresh Sanitizing Mist revenue is then deposited directly to your account.

This gives you time to focus on new SinoFresh Gateway placements and building your recurring customer base.


SinoFresh Sanitizing Gateway | SinoFresh Sanitizing Mist

Eliminating 99.9% of viruses and pathogens at the point of entry.

Licensee Revenue Potential
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