Bulk Retail SinoFresh Travel Kits

$8,332.50 $7,406.67

SinoFresh Travelers Germ Defender Pack 


The SinoFresh Travel Kits can be purchased in bulk through our website for supplies for your business as a retail sales item.

The Travelers Germ Defense Kit is designed to serve the 1.4 Billion Global Traveler Market and for individuals who work and play in high human density environments. The Travelers Germ Defense Kit will provide the traveler with the best Nasal, Oral, Skin, and Surface sanitizing on the global market.

The Kits will include, SinoFresh Antiseptic Nasal Formula, SinoFresh Kool Blast Antiseptic Oral Spray, Sinofresh Foaming Hand Sanitizer and Sinofresh Sanitizer Wipes.